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Table of Contents


1     A Miracle

2     The Old Sailor’s Tale

3      Raising the Dead

4      A Fiesta

5      A Stranger’s Body is Found

6      Can a Man Stop the Wind?

7      Pilar and Alita

8      Healing Souls Selling Vegetables

9      Time Shapes Everyone’s Life

10     Santo is Shot!!

11     The Tragedy at Chamizal Park

12     Mr. Big Takes Notice of Santo

13     Jesus is Born Again

14     Aunt Maria and a Strange American

15     A Miracle at University Hospital!

16     The Chosen One Speaks

17     The Revolution Begins

18     The Purification of Juarez

19     The World Comes to Pueblo del Cielo

20     The Vatican Takes Notice

21     Pilar’s First Kiss

22     The Spear of Christ is Found

23     The Research on Santo Begins

24     A Meteor Message From God?

25     Science Attempts to Decode Santo

26     The Mark of the Three-One God?

27     Hell at Hopkins Campus

28     The World Seeks Santo

29     Santo Returns Home





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